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  • Outreach | St. Philip Episcopal

    2024 Camp Able St. Philip Day! The Emmanuel Center The Emmanuel Center served more than 2,000 people each year through programs that inspire spiritual, physical, and educational growth. They provided recreational activities and continued learning and developing programs that include spiritual direction, social service programs, educational enrichment, and organized sports. ​ This has been an amazing community outreach ministry in our city. The Emmanuel Center was an oasis of hope amongst an area with many statistics. Their statistic, moreover, was at a 100% high school graduation rate with kids going on to do great things! For more information, you can check out their website. Click the link "Emmanuel" . ​ ​ St. Philip continues to provide the Emmanuel Center with baskets full of cleaning supplies and other household goods for new families that move into their neighborhood. St. Philip maintains a "blue barrel" in the Parish Hall where food and non-food items are collected for this ministry. If you would like to give funds, please make your check out to St. Philip and write "Mid-South Food Bank" in the memo line. We will forward the money to this worthy cause. Parish Discretionary Fund The Discretionary Fund is received the first Sunday of each month during the Worship times. The loose offering and other gifts so designated are given to St. Philip’s Discretionary Fund for the purpose of helping persons in times of serious need. Regardless of their circumstance, this Parish takes seriously the words of our Lord Jesus Christ in Matthew 25: "Lord, when did we see you. . ." The Parish Discretionary Fund is administered by our Rector Father Terry Street. If you wish to contribute by check, please make it out to St. Philip and designate: “St. Philip’s Discretionary Fund.” You may contribute to this fund at any time. Your funds are always in great need. Your checks may be mailed to the church office. Please indicate "Church Discretionary Fund" in the memo line. Thank you for your continued and generous support. Also, you can contribute with a debt or credit card to this much needed ministry by clicking here . Choose "Church Discretionary: Charity Giving" in the dropdown menu. ​ ​ The Manna House of Memphis Ministry A long time and essential ministry that has the active support of St. Philip Episcopal Church is the Manna House of Memphis. The parish has donated much money, time, food, and articles of clothing. Each year, we have a time when we collect coats, socks, shoes and underwear so that the "guests" of Manna House can have warmth from the colder temperatures outside. ​ Manna House of Memphis offers hospitality to homeless and poor guests. Hospitality includes welcoming of guests, and the offering of basic services such as clothing, hygiene items, showers, and serving coffee or other beverages. Staff and volunteers seek to interact with their guests and will learn their names and their stories. ​ Manna House is grounded in the spirit of the Catholic Worker Movement and thus seeking to welcome all guests from the streets with a spirit of hospitality that respects their dignity as human beings. In offering hospitality, Manna House affirms that hosting guests involves not only provides needed material goods, but more importantly honors guests’ humanity and personhood. As stated on MHM website: “We are not a social service agency; rather we are persons welcoming other persons to share ourselves, our gifts, and gifts we have received from others. We seek to know our guests as persons with names, histories, and hopes. We seek to be stewards of God’s graciousness, not possessors of power and privilege dispensing charity from above. We seek to build relationships and we are not out to “save” people or remake them in our own image. We recognize and repent of our racism, classism, sexism, and heterosexism, and we seek to create a community of hospitality in which all are welcomed as children of God.” ​ The mission : Hospitality to homeless and poor persons in the city of Memphis; Advocacy for persons on the streets; Opposition to violence–on the streets, by the police, through imprisonment, executions & war; Witness to the reign of God. ​ If you want to learn more about the Manna House of Memphis, donate money or become a volunteer for this worthwhile ministry, we invite you to visit their WEBSITE: Relief for Victims of the Recent Natural Disasters Considering a way to assist the victims of the recent natural disasters in the U.S. and abroad? Episcopal Relief and Development is working in these areas to provide help to those impacted. You can donate through St. Philip by noting "Relief Fund" in the memo line of your check and placing it in the offering plate. You can also donate directly to the Fund via their website . 2023 Camp Able St. Philip Day!

  • Coffee Hour | St. Philip Episcopal

    Our "Coffee Hour" St Philip is known for its hospitality and “coffee hour” following the Sunday worship services is a small way to make a big difference by welcoming our guests and visitors. This is usually much less than an hour, but sharing a cup of coffee and a donut among those with whom we worship deepens our relationships with others as a faith community. Everyone is encouraged to participate in the Parish Hall immediately following the services. Our Coffee Hour Hosts make this happen! This ministry comes with minimal Sunday morning responsibilities and is always looking for volunteers to help. If you are interested, contact the Parish office:

  • Parish Life | St. Philip Episcopal

    At St. Philip, We Pray Together. . . Play Together. . . Work Together. . . ​ To Enjoy and Further the Kingdom of God! ​

  • Lectionary & Scripture | St. Philip Episcopal

    Episcopal Church Lectionary with Scripture Links If you want to study the four scriptures readings (Old Testament, Psalms, Epistle, & Gospel) for any Sunday or Holy Holiday, you are invited to check out the Episcopal Church Lectionary site. It is in calendar form. For each Sunday or Major Holy Holiday, there are links to the biblical verses. These "lessons" can be downloaded in a MS Word document format. Planning Ahead? Use these calendars 2021 Liturgical Calendar 2022 Liturgical Calendar Reverse Lectionary NEW Resource: RCL Daily Reading s

  • Vestry | St. Philip Episcopal

    ​ What is the Vestry? ​ The Vestry is a group of elected congregational leaders within the congregation of an Episcopal church. Its basic responsibility is to: Help define and articulate the mission of the congregation; Support the mission by word and deed; Elect a rector when the need arises; Ensure effective organization and planning; Ensure adequate resources in leadership and in financial stewardship; Manage resources effectively; Determine that appropriate programs, policies, and procedures have been developed and are followed; Assess its own performance. It has some similarities to a board of directors, but it is important to remember that this ministry of leadership is exercised within a church. The success of a congregation is not measured in terms of numbers of members or size of the endowment, but rather in the degree to which it is working toward fulfillment of the mission of the Church. ​ Vestry Current Vestry The Rev. Terry Street, Rector Geoff Albert, Sr. Warden Bill Rogers, Jr. Warden Patti Solomito, Clerk ​ ​ Rebecca Holley Tom Maslowski Shannon Mullins ​ Tina Stephens ​ Greg Temple Jessica Heckle (Treasurer) ​

  • ECW | St. Philip Episcopal

    The ladies of St. Philip at the Christmas Ornament Exchange Party If you are a female member of the church, you are a member of the Episcopal Church Women of St. Philip ! Please join us for our monthly luncheon meetings, held on the first Sunday of each month excluding the summer months about 12:00 PM (after second service) in Bernard Hall. Look for dates and times in our weekly newsletter. ​ Ongoing Events & Ministries: ​ Emmanuel Center "Welcome" Baskets Thistle & Bee Ministry Collections Pickle Making Parties Spring & Fall Bake Sales Coffee Hour Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper Lenten Soup Suppers Receptions: Bishop's Visit, Confirmations, Baptisms, Weddings etc. Annual Christmas Exchange Decorating Chrismon Tree and More! ​ ​ ​ Betty Albert ECW President 2021-2024 ​ Lunch for Campers & Staff at Camp Able - St. Columba!

  • Men's Club | St. Philip Episcopal

    Men's Club ​ Did you know, if you are an adult male and a member of St. Philip you are automatically a member of the Men's Club. Come join us for our next meeting. We enjoy a fellowship meal, discuss upcoming projects and activities, and get to know each other little better. We meet monthly on the 2nd Thursday at 6:30 in the Parish Hall. ​ ​ The Men of St. Philip continue to prepare a "Paul Bunyan" breakfast for our members, guests and visitors during the summer! ​ ​ ​ Gary Mullins President - Men's Club ​

  • What We Believe | St. Philip Episcopal

    What We Believe The Holy Trinity To Pray as our Lord Taught Us to Pray

  • Altar Guild | St. Philip Episcopal

    Altar Guild Have you ever wondered how the Altar is prepared for Communion? ​ Who is responsible? The Altar Guild, who is made up of members from St. Philip, work regularly to ensure proper protocol is presented for all services. The Altar Guild is a wonderful, rewarding ministry and we're ALWAYS looking for new people. The only requirement is that you be a confirmed member of the church. You are not expected to work alone. A seasoned member of this ministry will always be working beside you. If you're interested, please contact the church office by email: .

  • Choir & Music | St. Philip Episcopal

    Note: We hope to reinstate our choir soon. "Praise the Lord with the harp: s ing unto Him with the psaltery and an instrument of ten strings. Sing unto Him a new song; play skillfully with a loud noise." ~ Psalm 33:2-3 St. Philip Episcopal Church Pipe Organ Music Performed by Director of Music Ministry Dr. Richard S. Townley ​ Ensemble dandrieu_o_filii_et_filiae 00:00 / 08:23 van_noordt_psalm_24 00:00 / 05:28 Praetorius 00:00 / 04:51 "Virtual Bach" Part I J.S. Bach: "German Organ Mass" ​ "Virtual Bach" Part II J.S. Bach: "German Organ Mass" ​ "Virtual Bach" Part III J.S. Bach: "German Organ Mass" ​ "Virtual Bach" Part IV J.S. Bach: "German Organ Mass" ​

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