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  • Episcopal Church | St. Philip Episcopal

    The Episcopal Church Welcome to the Episcopal Church—a community of faith that seeks to respond to the Gospel of Jesus Christ in word and deed. The Episcopal Church is the Province of the Anglican Communion in the United States, Honduras, Taiwan, Colombia, Ecuador, Haiti, the Dominican Republic, Venezuela, the British Virgin Islands and parts of Europe. As of 2010, it was a church of 2,057,292 baptized members making it the fifteenth largest Christian denomination in the U.S. In keeping with Anglican tradition and theology, the Episcopal Church considers itself "Protestant, yet Catholic." We hope you join us! To learn more about the Episcopal Church click here . The Right Rev. Pheobe Roaf Bishop of West Tennessee Diocese To Receive the Diocesan E-Communicator If you would like to receive the weekly Diocesan newsletter, The Communicator and Diocesan updates, you can subscribe by going to this link: DWT Subscribe ​ Relief for Victims of National and Global Disasters and Needs Considering a way to assist the victims of disasters and needs in the U.S. and abroad? Episcopal Relief and Development is working in these areas to provide help to those impacted. You can donate through St. Philip by noting "Relief Fund" in the memo line of your check and placing it in the offering plate. You can also donate directly to the Fund via their website . ​ Click Below to Learn More about The Episcopal Church in West Tennessee!

  • Our Staff | St. Philip Episcopal

    Clergy & Staff St. Philip Episcopal Church enjoys the dedicated services of clergy, staff members and volunteers who help fulfill our mission. ​ ​ Fr. Terry Street (901) 388-9830 Rector Barry Oliver Director of Music Ministry Betty Albert (901) 388-9830 Parish Administrator Jessica Heckle Treasurer ​

  • Holy Week Services | St. Philip Episcopal

    Palm Sunday Maundy Thursday Good Friday The Great Vigil of Easter Easter Sunday

  • Choir & Music | St. Philip Episcopal

    Note: We hope to reinstate our choir soon. "Praise the Lord with the harp: s ing unto Him with the psaltery and an instrument of ten strings. Sing unto Him a new song; play skillfully with a loud noise." ~ Psalm 33:2-3 St. Philip Episcopal Church Pipe Organ Music Performed by Director of Music Ministry Dr. Richard S. Townley ​ Ensemble dandrieu_o_filii_et_filiae 00:00 / 08:23 van_noordt_psalm_24 00:00 / 05:28 Praetorius 00:00 / 04:51 "Virtual Bach" Part I J.S. Bach: "German Organ Mass" ​ "Virtual Bach" Part II J.S. Bach: "German Organ Mass" ​ "Virtual Bach" Part III J.S. Bach: "German Organ Mass" ​ "Virtual Bach" Part IV J.S. Bach: "German Organ Mass" ​

  • Lectionary & Scripture | St. Philip Episcopal

    Episcopal Church Lectionary with Scripture Links If you want to study the four scriptures readings (Old Testament, Psalms, Epistle, & Gospel) for any Sunday or Holy Holiday, you are invited to check out the Episcopal Church Lectionary site. It is in calendar form. For each Sunday or Major Holy Holiday, there are links to the biblical verses. These "lessons" can be downloaded in a MS Word document format. Planning Ahead? Use these calendars 2021 Liturgical Calendar 2022 Liturgical Calendar Reverse Lectionary NEW Resource: RCL Daily Reading s

  • Worship | St. Philip Episcopal

    WORSHIP In this section, you will find a video of Fr. Terry's sermon at St. Philip. You can click to hear Fr. Terry's most recent sermon , or go to the link podcast page and select the sermon you would like to hear. The sermons are mobile ready to listen with your smart devices. BECOME A PART OF OUR WORSHIPPING FAMILY We invite all to join us as we celebrate the Lord's grace and love. Celebrate with us the Holy Eucharist. All baptized Christians are welcome and we welcome all people to alter to receive a priestly blessing. May the Peace of the Lord that passes all understanding and circumstances of this life be with YOU! During times of crisis, St. Philip Episcopal Church's prayer is that you will find hope and peace. May you find comfort in these words that echo throughout the worship services: “Keep calm and carry on.” “Take heart, do not be afraid.” Pray for protection, healing and restoration. Fortify yourself with spiritual readings and study. Stand firm in our faith. Reach out to those in need. Allow your hearts and homes to be a temple of God. Prepare a place for a sacred space. As Easter People, celebrate Easter – Alleluia! Be patient!

  • The Evangel | St. Philip Episcopal

    The Evangel *The Evangel is published monthly, except in July Articles, news events, updates on your organization and more should be submitted to the Parish office. Have an article or an update, send it via email: * As soon as we have information about when we can start full worship and activities again, we post the new monthly newsletter on this page. For the present time, we have posted our latest newsletter and will post Weekly Parish Updates and archive of newsletters and updates on the two subpages in this section.

  • Holy Eucharist | St. Philip Episcopal

    Receiving Communion All baptized Christians are welcome to receive the Blessed Sacrament if they so desire and are prepared. If you do not wish to receive the bread or the wine, cross your arms over your chest and the priest will give you a blessing. To receive Communion, kneel at the Altar rail, if able, and hold your hands one on top of the other with your palms up. The priest will place the bread in your hand. If you wish to receive the wine by intinction (dipping the host in the wine), continue to hold the bread in your hand and the L.E.M. will dip it in the wine and place it on your tongue. If you do not wish to receive the wine, cross your arms over your chest and the L.E.M. will pass by. If you are unable to come to the Altar, please notify an usher and Communion will be brought to you. ​

  • Missionary | St. Philip Episcopal

    Midwife is very happy about the new development on the maternal waiting house as evidenced by her brilliant smile. ​ This special clinic building is for women living in the bush who are at risk of losing their babies or their own lives are at risk. It is a unique structure especially in the remote area of Lofa County in the area infamously known as The Blood Diamond Fields! Some of our children in Mbalatahun, precious blossoms of God Picture of three of the leprosy patients. This is an example of the roads traveled on each mission to and from Monrovia, Liberia to the village of Mbalatahun, “the village of healing” in Bantu. It is the mission's center where, despite the hardship of 14 to 15 hour journey, we serve for God’s Glory and in memory of Fr. Stevens Portrait of Father Gerald Lee Anthony Stevens, Earthly founder of The Fellowship of the Cross. This portrait hangs in the chapel of the monastery which is being renovated.

  • Flower Guild | St. Philip Episcopal

    Flower Guild The Flower Guild currently consists of dedicated parishioners who rotate Sundays. Each member is responsible for arranging or ordering flowers for the altar on her/his Sunday, as designated on our calendar. In addition to regular Sunday services, the Flower Guild takes care of ordering and placing the Easter lilies and Christmas poinsettias at St. Philip. We also handle the flowers for any special occasions such as a reception for the Bishop, the new Confirmands, etc. We welcome anyone who is interested to team with us. If you would like to serve in this ministry, please email the church office: .

  • Charles Wilburn | St. Philip Episcopal

    To the memory of the Lord's servant, Charles Wilburn Funeral Service -- Audio Funeral Service -- Video

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