The Emmanuel Center

The Emmanuel Center served more than 2,000 people each year through programs that inspire spiritual, physical, and educational growth.  They provided recreational activities and continued learning and developing programs that include spiritual direction, social service programs, educational enrichment, and organized sports.

This has been an amazing community outreach ministry in our city. The Emmanuel Center was an oasis of hope amongst an area with many statistics. Their statistic, moreover, was at a 100% high school graduation rate with kids going on to do great things!  For more information, you can check out their website. Click the link "Emmanuel".

St. Philip Episcopal Church contributes to this important ministry with time, talents, and money.  We will continue to work with the Emmanuel Center on two specific projects at the Emmanuel Center: Operation Backpack and Operation Joy.

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Fr. Terry  Street & Liz Stephens
Operation Backpack
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“The Emmanuel Center took a strategic pause this past spring and after prayerful consideration by the board of directors, the center has made some structural changes to its program that will better serve the community in which it resides. As a result, the number of children that will be served will be fewer, but the mission remains the same. For Operation Backpack this year, we will be focusing on students from Kindergarten through Middle School. 


Four Parishes share in this powerful outreach ministry with time, talent, and money: St. George, St. Andrews, Holy Apostles, and St. Philip Episcopal Churches. We are helping children learn and thrive in school, stay in school and build a bright future.


We purchase the required school supplies at wholesale prices that will provide a new backpack with all of the grade-appropriate supplies for approximately $25 per backpack. Your financial support of this Outreach Ministry is requested and always appreciated!   Checks can be made out to St Philip with a note for Operation Backpack. Or, click this link to give to our online giving site: DONATION.


Questions about this ministry should be directed to the Parish office:

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Operation Joy


In early December, St Philip Episcopal Church has the pleasure to host a Christmas part for the children of the Emmanuel Center. We hope to adopt several children for Christmas. For those who may not be able to adopt a child, you have the ability to make a donation to collectively support one or more children. If you are not sure what to buy, but want to support, We would be happy to be your personal shopper- you just need to let us know! Details on the children such as gender, age, sizes, needs, and wants will be available by early December.


For several weeks leading up to the party, volunteers are busy making preparations and buying gifts for the children.  If this ministry speaks to you, there are may ways to get involved.

All gifts should be purchased and ready for delivery, where we will host the Christmas Party at the center for the children. This is always an  amazing afternoon and we look forward to sharing it with you! Don’t worry- if you cannot  attend the party,  we will get your gifts delivered!

 If you are not able to adopt a child, you may support the purchase of bikes, helmets, and gift cards for the families by making a financial donation. Just mark the contribution “Operation JOY!” and drop it in the offering plate or by making an online gift: DONATION. Please plan to attend the Christmas Party at the Emmanuel Center on a Sunday in mid-December. It is our prayer that it will HAPPEN.  Prayerfully look forward to a wonderful afternoon!

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Parish Discretionary Fund

The Discretionary Fund is received the first Sunday of each month during the Worship times.  The loose offering and other gifts so designated are given to St. Philip’s Discretionary Fund for the purpose of helping persons in times of serious need.  Regardless of their circumstance, this Parish takes seriously the words of our Lord Jesus Christ in Matthew 25: "Lord, when did we see you. . ."  The Parish Discretionary Fund is administered by our Rector Father Terry Street. If you wish to contribute by check, please make it out to St. Philip and designate: “St. Philip’s Discretionary Fund.”


You may contribute to this fund at any time. Your funds are especially needed during this time of crisis and great need. Your checks may be mailed to the church office.  


Also, you can contribute with a debt or credit card to this much needed ministry by  clicking:  DISCRETIONARY 

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St. Philip maintains a "blue barrel" in the Parish Hall where food and non-food items are collected for this ministry. If you would like to give funds, please make your check out to St. Philip and write "Mid-South Food Bank" in the FOR line. We will forward the money to this worthy cause. 

Missionary work at St. Luke's Leprosarium and Medical Clinic in Mbalotahun, Liberia
Dedication plaque of St Luke's Medical C

We have accomplished so much from the beginning when the mission started in 2006! The clinic is one of St. Philip's star projects. It saved many lives in the village and surrounding area.  The infant mortality rate has dropped significantly. With the addition of the Mother Waiting House, it continues to improve.  Father Terry and Joe Namie led the effort of restoration of the clinic along with the critical leadership and funding from Bishop Alex Dickson and Mrs. Emily Bailey, who were also part of our fellowship.

Fr Terry and I inspecting St Lukes Medic
The Manna House of Memphis Ministry

A long time and essential ministry that has the active support of St. Philip Episcopal Church is the Manna House of Memphis.  The parish has donated much money, time, food, and articles of clothing.  Each year, we have a time when we collect coats, socks, shoes and underwear so that the "guests" of Manna House can have warmth from the colder temperatures outside.  

Manna House of Memphis offers hospitality to homeless and poor guests. Hospitality includes welcoming of guests, and the offering of basic services such as clothing, hygiene items, showers, and serving coffee or other beverages. Staff and volunteers seek to interact with their guests and will learn their names and their stories.

Manna House is grounded in the spirit of the Catholic Worker Movement and thus seeking to welcome all guests from the streets with a spirit of hospitality that respects their dignity as human beings. In offering hospitality, Manna House affirms that hosting guests involves not only provides needed material goods, but more importantly honors guests’ humanity and personhood. 


As stated on MHM website: “We are not a social service agency; rather we are persons welcoming other persons to share ourselves, our gifts, and gifts we have received from others.  We seek to know our guests as persons with names, histories, and hopes.  We seek to be stewards of God’s graciousness, not possessors of power and privilege dispensing charity from above.  We seek to build relationships and we are not out to “save” people or remake them in our own image.  We recognize and repent of our racism, classism, sexism, and heterosexism, and we seek to create a community of hospitality in which all are welcomed as children of God.” 

The mission:  Hospitality to homeless and poor persons in the city of Memphis; Advocacy for persons on the streets; Opposition to violence–on the streets, by the police, through imprisonment, executions & war; Witness to the reign of God.

If you want to learn more about the Manna House of Memphis, donate money or  become a volunteer for this worthwhile ministry, we invite you to visit their WEBSITE:

Beehives for 
Thistle and Bee

St. Philip has partnered with Thistle and Bee to place four beehives on the campus (near the north-east corner of the parish grounds}. As a host site, St. Philip is proud to support a local ministry that helps women who have survived prostitution, trafficking, and abuse. You can learn more about and support Thistle and Bee via their website:


A Letter to St. Philip from Director Alison Chesney 

Hey Fr Terry!

We had another successful honey harvest and wanted to extend a thank you to you and everyone in the congregation that has helped with the success of our honey program. Please see a note attached with a discount code for honey purchases, that can be shared with everyone for their generosity and support!

In addition to a successful harvest, the collective bee hives have provided over 300 hours of employment with equipment maintenance, hive care, harvesting, and bottling this year so far. It all helps towards the bigger mission of helping women survivors thrive!

Thank you, thank you!



Thistle & Bee Enterprises, Social Enterprise Director


Your generosity has helped Thistle and Bee harvest over 960 pounds of honey! Your hive site helped in giving our women an amazing team building experience and the rewarding feeling of accomplishment

at work. None of this would be possible if it wasn't for you! Your support means we can keep advocating for social justice and grow our Hive.

Visit our website where you can find all of our honey and honey-based products! To celebrate our June 2020  harvest, use code BUSYBEE at checkout and enjoy 20% off. You deserve it.

Thank you!

Relief for Victims of the Recent Natural Disasters

Considering a way to assist the victims of the recent natural disasters in the U.S. and abroad? Episcopal Relief and Development is working in these areas to provide help to those impacted. You can donate through St. Philip by noting "Relief Fund" in the memo line of your check and placing it in the offering plate.

You can also donate directly to the Fund via their website.