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Midwife is very happy about the new development on the maternal waiting house as evidenced by her brilliant smile.

This special clinic building is for women living in the bush who are at risk of losing their babies or their own lives are at risk.  It is a unique structure especially in the remote area of Lofa County in the area infamously known as The Blood Diamond Fields!


Some of our children in Mbalatahun, precious blossoms of God


Picture of three of the leprosy patients.

This is an example of the roads traveled on each mission to and from Monrovia, Liberia to the village of Mbalatahun, “the village of healing” in Bantu.  It is the mission's center where, despite the hardship of 14 to 15 hour journey, we serve  for God’s Glory and in memory of Fr. Stevens


Portrait of Father Gerald Lee Anthony Stevens, Earthly founder of The Fellowship of the Cross.  This portrait hangs in the chapel of the monastery which is being renovated.

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