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    The Episcopal Church Welcome to the Episcopal Church—a community of faith that seeks to respond to the Gospel of Jesus Christ in word and deed. The Episcopal Church is the Province of the Anglican Communion in the United States, Honduras, Taiwan, Colombia, Ecuador, Haiti, the Dominican Republic, Venezuela, the British Virgin Islands and parts of Europe. As of 2010, it was a church of 2,057,292 baptized members making it the fifteenth largest Christian denomination in the U.S. In keeping with Anglican tradition and theology, the Episcopal Church considers itself "Protestant, yet Catholic." We hope you join us! To learn more about the Episcopal Church click here . The Right Rev. Pheobe Roaf Bishop of West Tennessee Diocese The St. Philip Confirmation of 2020 To Receive the Diocesan E-Communicator If you would like to receive the weekly Diocesan newsletter, The Communicator and Diocesan updates, you can subscribe by going to this link: DWT Subscribe ​ Faith Community Guidelines for Resumption of In-Person Worship A Message from Bishop Phoebe: June 2, 2020 (link to Diocesan webpage) ​ FIND YOUR FAITH During these times of crisis locally, nationally, and internationally, the Bishop of West Tennessee, The Right Rev. Pheobe Roaf, brings us a message of hope in her Easter Sermon of 2020.

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    A COMMUNITY OF FAITH We worship God in the Anglican Tradition. As we worship, we seek God's truth, grow in Christ, and proclaim God's Word to the world. This is the center of this parish's focus. From this worship experience, our actions of outreach and missions go beyond the congregational boundaries. We work in joy to bring the good news of God's love as witnessed in the Son empowered by the Holy Spirit. The History of St. Philip - Davieshire The Rt. Rev. W. Fred Gates, Jr., Suffragan Bishop of Tennessee, presided at the first service of St. Philip Church on Sunday afternoon, December 8, 1974, at the J. B. Griffin Memorial Chapel in Pleasant Hill Cemetery, Brunswick, Tn. Three weeks later, December 29, 1974, Mrs. Ellen Davies Rodgers donated ten (10) acres for a church to be built on land that was a part of Davies Plantation. On January 24, 1976, St. Philip Episcopal Church was accepted as an Organized Mission at the 144th Convention of the Diocese of Tennessee. “Miss Ellen”, as she was affectionately known, would later give more land and most of the means for the construction of the church building. The late Rev. H. Gordon Bernard became Vicar of St. Philip in July,1980. Ground was broken for the new church that same year on September 14, with more than 300 people attending on an afternoon when the temperature soared to 103 degrees. ​ Both Bishop William E. Sanders and Suffragan Bishop Gates took part in the consecration service for the new church on Sunday, November 1, 1981, (All Saints’ Day). St. Philip became the first congregation admitted to parish status in the newly created Diocese of West Tennessee on January 20, 1984, under the Rt. Rev. Alex D. Dickson. ​ Fr. Bernard served as Rector until his retirement in July of 1988. The Rev. John Sterling came to St. Philip in the fall of that same year and served until his retirement in April of 1994. On April 25, 1994, the Rev. Joseph N. Davis began his duties as the third Rector of St. Philip. After thirteen years, in June, 2007, Fr. Davis left to accept a call to the Church of the Resurrection in Franklin, Tennessee. ​ In August, 2008, the Search Committee and Vestry of St. Philip concluded their nationally advertised search for its’ fourth Rector when they called Fr. Terry Street. Fr. Terry came to us from St. John’s Episcopal Church and Barth House. It was with a unanimous vote by the Search Committee and a separate unanimous vote by the full Vestry that Fr. Terry was called. Fr. Terry began his ministry at St. Philip on Sunday, September 21st, 2008 with formal installation to follow on November 20th. ​ St. Philip has grown from "six warm souls" in a cemetery chapel to a busy parish of approximately 200 members. St. Philip has many lay ministries, including an energetic Men's Club, an active women's organization which meets monthly and is very involved in several outreach programs. ​ In 2007, St. Philip became the new home of the Good Shepherd Center for the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd, which serves the entire diocese. We have a vital Christian education program for children, adults, and nursery. We have a modern "state of the art" playground. While intentionally remaining a traditional parish, we seek to proclaim the good news of Christ to all people in our community. ​ At the ground breaking ceremony in 1980, Miss Ellen said of the land that she had given for the church, "Many types of rewarding crops have been planted on this good land for more than a century by my family. Today we plant the Cross and by the grace of faith, pray for an abundant harvest. As we attempt to build upon the faithful deeds of those who have gone before us, may we serve our Lord so that his harvest may always increase."

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    The Evangel *The Evangel is published monthly, except in July Articles, news events, updates on your organization and more should be submitted to the Parish office. Have an article or an update, send it via email: * As soon as we have information about when we can start full worship and activities again, we post the new monthly newsletter on this page. For the present time, we have posted our latest newsletter and will post Weekly Parish Updates and archive of newsletters and updates on the two subpages in this section.

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    "STEWARDSHIP" Maximizing God's Blessings for His Glory The 2021 Stewardship Campaign 2021: "Re-Gathering for Joyful Giving" Name Address Phone Email Accept this pledge as an expression of gratitude for all the blessings of this life and for the blessings God calls me to be. I pray for the grace to honor the practice of proportional giving: ​ Given: ​ Total Pledge for this year, 2021, to St. Philip Episcopal Church: ​ To the glory of God, I prayerfully submit my pledge Weekly Monthly Quarterly Annually Click Here to Confirm your Pledge May The Lord bless and keep you!

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    I'm New.... What To Expect Expect to be warmly welcomed. Expect to be with people who enjoy being together, laughing and talking. Expect to be in a place where you can worship and love God in your own way. Expect to see people and families just like yours. Expect to feel at home. ​ What Should I Wear Please be comfortable. There is no strict dress code in God's house. ​ What Time s are Services We worship God in the Anglican tradition. 8:00 AM Sunday service is a contemplative service, with no music. 10:30 AM Sunday service is a full Holy Eucharist, with organ and choir. Holy Communion is provided at both services and all baptized Christians are welcome to receive the Holy Sacrament at the altar. If you are not a baptized Christian, please come up to the alter and receive a priestly blessing. ! We welcome everyone Both services offer -- Children's nursery. 12:10 PM on Wednesday offers Holy Communion and Healing Service.

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    Choir St. Philip's Choir has led the Sunday worship music. However, during this time, Dr. Richard will continue playing the church pipe organ as well as singing Cantor for Psalms at the 10:30 AM service. Choir participation and rehearsals are to be determined on a future date. "Praise the Lord with the harp: s ing unto Him with the psaltery and an instrument of ten strings. Sing unto Him a new song; play skillfully with a loud noise." ~ Psalm 33:2-3 St. Philip Episcopal Church Pipe Organ Music Performed by Director of Music Ministry Dr. Richard S. Townley ​ Ensemble dandrieu_o_filii_et_filiae 00:00 / 08:23 van_noordt_psalm_24 00:00 / 05:28 Praetorius 00:00 / 04:51 "Virtual Bach" Part I J.S. Bach: "German Organ Mass" ​ "Virtual Bach" Part II J.S. Bach: "German Organ Mass" ​ "Virtual Bach" Part III J.S. Bach: "German Organ Mass" ​ "Virtual Bach" Part IV J.S. Bach: "German Organ Mass" ​

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    The Motto of the Order For His Sake... I am but one, but I am one. I cannot do everything, but I can do something. What I can do, I ought to do. What I ought to do, by the grace of God I will do. Lord, what will you have me do? Who We Are The Order of the Daughters of the King® (DOK) is a spiritual sisterhood of women dedicated to a life of Prayer, Service and Evangelism. We have made a commitment to Jesus as our Savior, and we follow Him as Lord of our lives. We are an Order for women who are communicants of the Episcopal Church, churches in communion with it, or churches in the Historic Episcopate. Today our membership includes women in the Anglican, Episcopal, Lutheran (ELCA) and Roman Catholic churches. Daughters of the King A new class of Daughters of the King will be forming soon. Are you called? If so, contract . A DOK leader will reach out to you with the time and date of the class. ​ ​

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    Flower Guild The Flower Guild currently consists of seven dedicated parishioners who rotate Sundays. Each member is responsible for arranging or ordering flowers for the altar on her/his Sunday, as designated on our calendar in the Evangel. In addition to regular Sunday services, the Flower Guild takes care of ordering and placing the Easter lilies and Christmas poinsettias at St. Philip. We also handle the flowers for any special occasions such as a reception for the Bishop, the new Confirmands, etc. We welcome anyone who is interested to team with us. If you would like to serve in this ministry, please email the church office: .

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    Father Terry's Mediations and Articles "Keep Calm and Carry On" ​ "Be Mindful of Other Epidemics" ​ "Allow your Hearts and Homes to be a Temple of God" ​ "Prepare a Place for a Sacred Space" "Alleluia! Alleluia! Alleluia!" ​ "Patience is a Virtue" ​ "St. Patrick Day -- Every Day" ​ The Prayer of St. Patrick ​ "We're Back (Sort of. . .)! ​ "And We Begin Again. . ." "Stimulus Giving" "My Response"





9:00 AM: CATECHESIS OF THE GOOD SHEPHERD (Children's Sunday School)











9380 Davies Plantation Rd.

Memphis, TN 38133


 Office hours are Tuesday through Thursday: 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM  and Friday: 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM

We are located at 9380 Davies Plantation Road, just north of the Stonebridge Golf Course and I-40. Exit I-40 at Canada Road.  Turn north and cross over the interstate.  Take an immediate left on Davies Plantation Road (just past the Mobile Gas Station.) and go 0.8 miles.  St. Philip will be on your right just before the stop sign. CLICK HERE FOR MAP.

Our Mission

To worship God in the Anglican Tradition, seek God's truth, grow in Christ, and proclaim God's Word to the world.


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